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Words cannot really describe this picture

I have written about Chassidim using Christmas decorations in their sukkahs, so it was only time until a Chassidic lady happened across one of those guys selling kitschy bandannas in Time Square that featured Playboy bunnies on it.

hat tip to Dov Bear

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  • Shiksa

    I don’t see what the problem is. Are you saying you wouldn’t tap that?

  • A. Nuran

    I for one am offended.
    Rabbits are traif!

  • very funny!

  • Anonymous

    Hugh Hefners wife…

  • oy, did her husband steal a pillowcase from the playboy mansion and she made a babushke out of it?? lol

  • lubav

    I Know of a old chabad rabbi that had a pair of glasses with that logo on the side

  • ghottistyx

    Oy, she probably thought they were just some cute little bunny rabbits!

  • walter

    That has to be a man

  • I’m just … wow. I’m … I can’t stop laughing. This is EXCELLENT.

    Of course, this is why women should just wear sheitels. DUH.

  • I’ll give you a few words to describe it, Hesh…
    Awesome & hysterical (and provactive… in some strange and sick way)

  • What about the one on Purim with the kids in Meah Shearim walking around as Santas, with the whole outfit, hat and everything. If only their parents knew!

  • Trini

    She has such a serious face, maybe she has no idea? That is wicked hilarious.

  • This is just as bad as a shaytel. She covered her hair with a hare.

  • Esther

    That woman (?) is wound so tightly not even the bunnies can lighten her up! Great pic!

  • tesyaa

    She doesn’t looke chassidishe to me – she looks more like a nun of some kind.

    • malkie

      she duznt look religous. maybe apolishe goyta. She has hair coming out of the bunny bandann!

  • Anonymous

    ppl, her hair is tottaly open in the back. This aint no chassidic lady.

    • Esther

      She really doesn’t even look Jewish… Rather, Slavic or maybe Norwegian.

      • Yochanan

        What do Jews look like?

  • rebbetzin hockstein

    Of course she is chassidish! in the background of the picture is another lady standing next to her wearing a turban. AND she is wearing dark colored clothes with a high neck and the requisite necklace in place. You know, accessories are so very important to pull an outfit together…..

    • Anonymous

      Just becuase someone is in proximity to a chassidish lady doesn’t make them chassidish. the whole back of her head is showing, there is no way this lady is chassidish.

  • tesyaa

    Oh wait, I see a curly beard and a black jacket/white shirt on the MAN standing behind them …

  • Joe

    To all those who question her being chasidish, look at the woman next to her she is definitely chasidish, that shirt and tichel only chasidim wear that.

    • Anonymous

      She is most definitely not chasidish, chasidim do not let that much hair sticking out the back. though you are right the people next to her look chasidish. Solution: she is their polish cleaning lady! tada!! great work everybody, case-closed
      Though I agree with drum-intellect below. It is a very funny picture

  • It doesn’t matter if she’s chassidish, jewish, or even fictitious. The picture is funny even if it’s completely photo-shopped.

  • Yochanan

    She certainly looks pissed about something. Can anyone else imagine her sitting on the front steps of her house with a shotgun?

  • Wait she has hair – doesn’t that invalidate her chassidish status anyway

    • Anonymous

      nope by far most chassidim dont shave their heads, and none do after they stop going to mikva. Though it seems obvious that john is right

  • red
  • Rizzo

    She is def. chassidish. The bandana just came undone in the back a little so the hair is sticking out a little uncovered. I know of an old timer Rabbi who’s napkins also had the bunny logo and also didnt realize what it was. Its sad though- ladies should try to be attractive and these woman are stuck cuase in their communiites they are sooo socially pressured to conform. Thats why i like the Crown Hiehgts look, true sometimes in may be not so tniuz but many times it is, plus the girls look great…

  • FrumGer

    Ohh Very funny indeed…. She is mos Def a Chossid- The Guy in the back with a beard and just slightly you see a peyo too- he wearing a beikishe and white shirt . They are chassidim without a doubt. that to me is great. because they are so far removed from goyisher corrupt perversion, that not just her but also the people she associates with do not even know the logo.

    • Anonymous

      discussed ad nauseum already. shes not chasidish. If I show you a picture of the pope talking to some rebbe that doesnt mean the pope is chasidish

  • Rizzo

    What? she is def def der chassidish, ther’ye no question. Amy the poster of this picture please tell us whwere this picture was taken?

    • Anonymous

      nope def not chasidish read earlier comments

  • chevramaidel

    Not Chassidish, but she works for/with Chassidishe people and dresses with respect when she is around them. Which brings up the question: What is up with Chassidishe catering halls where the waitresses wear pants as part of their uniform?

  • FrumGer


    you could not be more wrong. she is chossidishe, and just because a few sprigs of hair have come out doesnot mean she isn’t, It happens. there is no way that women is not a chossid. the polish cleaning idea is weak…

  • sk

    An admirer of the Hefner Rebbe.