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Shaindy.com has closed

shaindy1The Orthodox Jewish community was shocked this morning upon hearing that their major source for discreet extramarital affairs, Shaindy.com was closing its doors. Shaindy.com was a risky venture, opening its doors to frum couples who just couldn’t wait until mikvah night to have sex during this shaky economy, a time when luxury items like extramarital affairs were competing with rising tuition costs and making people choose between keeping cholov yisroel or their marriages intact.

While Shaindy.com did claim to have a large membership, sources tell us that based on website traffic a whois search and other extraneous factors Shaindy.com was merely a fabricated site with a sole purpose of blackmail. We spoke to several people involved in the Five Town’s swinger ring who admitted that they would rather use Craigslist, a free service for no-strings attached sex, extramarital affairs and frum hookups, than give their credit card to someone who may charge them enormous fees to clear their name. “Imagine what would happen to my children’s shidduch resume if it was found out that mommy and tatty were swingers” said one man, who spoke to FS-News on condition of anonymity.

Shaindy.com being a scam is up for debate, but a close look throughout the site would reveal similarities between it and the other so called “frum porn” sites. It was a poorly built website with stories that had “WAY TOO MUCH CAPITALIZATION” that takes us back to the days when people would indulge in over use of the caps lock key in chat rooms in order to be noticed.

The only comment we could get from the owner of Shaindy.com was “Baruch Hashem, it’s over – the site was such a flop because Jews are too cheap and craigslist is free.”

We at FS-News are wondering if the frum sex ads in the casual encounter section of Craigslist will now swell once again. No pun intended.

While this article is fiction – Shaindy.com has in fact closed their doors

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  • Phil

    Good riddance.

  • Anonymous

    Finally. This should free up some time for the guy in charge to return his focus to YWN.

    • Bo

      Is that supposed to be funny?

      • Ha!

        I thought it was 🙂 🙂

    • anon

      I don’t think he’s in charge – just their biggest client. Either way, it frees up his time. Keep your eye out for a new bash-the-latest-enemy-of-the-yw-editor site

  • hornyngerman

    this site is just as good, if your a frum lady who craves being pleasured by a heimishe dude. drop me a line at chnyock@gmail.com
    ny/nj area

  • As long as Shaindy.com was around, any woman who had that name had to suffer the misfortune of schoolyard taunts, and lack of shidduchim. With Shaindy.com gone, the Shaindys of the world can take back their good names. We can now name our daughters Shaindy again, without snickers from the pews.

    Now, what about the Feigalas of the world? With an Orthodox swinger site gone, will gay Orthodox sites be the next to go?

  • Avrumy

    Can someone point me to a gay Orthodox shidduch/swinger site please?

  • yahoo

    Avrumy, just hang out in a bais medrash for a while — you should get taken care of. Telshe, Mir, Lakewood, Chaim Berlin….although not sure why those types of guys would do it for you (yuck!)

    • Phil


      Without wanting to facilitate your perverted lifestyle, there use to be a site called feygula.org (or something like that), it was created by “proud” Jewish fags, their slogan was “one in every minyan”.

      There was this weird dude who showed up to shul for Shabbos in costumes all the time, one day it was a shtreimel, next it was kippah sruga, then it was yementine with turban and walking staff.

      When I saw him on a pic of the Montreal pride rally on that web site, it all finally made sense; he was trying to be the frum version of the village people!

      • Avrumy

        Phil, the “one in every minyan” is probably an exaggeration. Fear not. But any medium-sized (or larger) minyan or kollel or beis medrash most likely has at least one gay or bi guy in it. Most gay guys can tell you stories that you don’t want to hear.

    • Avrumy

      True there are guys-who-like-guys in most places, yeshivas included.
      Maybe better to check out Heshy’s mikvah article and get tips on meeting frummies there. NOT!!!

  • hahahah. “Shaindy.com” is a really poor choice for a website name.

    • frummie69

      wasnt there a pilegesh website ? whatever happened to that? There are some married frum men out there whose wives just don’t want to have sex with them and stop going to the mikvah. What are they supposed to do?

      • Phil

        Exchange them for a newer model.

        • Anonymous

          No good, Phil. A newer model is not close-in-age.

  • Anonymous

    Here is the new site. They haven’t done anything with it yet…


    • totaly new website new owner nothing to do with old one

  • Shaindy
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