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Frum Stripper video (clean)

From the same people that brought you “shomer stick” come’s their latest attempt at making fun of the sexual undertones of orthodox Judaism. The girl who plays the frum stripper and the guy who played the yeshiva bochur get a shout out for showing up to my last show and recording it.

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  • Parent in NY

    this isn’t so clean after all the girl shows her elbows which is a strict violation of halacha

  • http://www.frumsatire.net Heshy Fried

    Where exactly does it say that women can’t show their elbows?

  • Modox

    LOL @ the Tzedakah box

  • Sergeant J

    Parent seems like a bad parody.

  • http://michalbasavraham.blogspot.com/ Michaltastik

    “the sexual undertones of orthodox Judaism.”

    The people put them there, not Hashem.

  • http://www.frumsatire.net Heshy Fried

    michal – haven’t you ever heard the song Hashem is here…everywhere

  • A23

    Manischewitz Judaism. Fail.

  • http://www.frumsatire.net Heshy Fried

    A23 I thought the same thing but they tried to make the video attractive for all.

  • mushki

    What was the point of it?

  • the real Parent in NY

    this was the dumbest ass video ive ever seen in my life.

    what kind of pervert would even think of this stupidity.

    its people who get off to this kind of stuff and wish the real thing happened to them.

    dumbass perverts. watch out for your children. pedos in training.

    ps – you can tell from my comment i am the rwal parent in ny, not that other douche.

  • jg

    hesh i think you call this hava nageela judaism

  • Ruthie

    oy, Hesh. how do u take half these comments?

    “you can tell from my comment i am the rwal parent in ny, not that other douche.”

    “its people who get off to this kind of stuff and wish the real thing happened to them.”

    get off to this video? really? there’s someone out there that GOT OFF to this video??

  • http://www.frumsatire.net Heshy Fried

    Ruthie you know your hot, you caused so many guys to sin by wasting seed.

  • Sergeant J

    It’s always the north americans and their sexual ways, isn’t it?

  • Shocked and awed

    This is such crap. I mean where would you find a nice Jewish girl who would clean dishes?

  • Puzzled

    Hebrew National?

  • Ruthie

    My mum nearly had a heart attack when she saw this video, by the way.

  • Sergeant J

    So she’s never seen you clean a dish before either, huh;-)?

  • Jeef

    she usually only does that for me when i ask nicely…
    it took forever to convince her to let me film her sweeping though, had to tell her it’d just be for us ;P

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