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Have you decided to break shomer negiah?

Debating whether to take your relationship to the next level, by touching? Well you should consider what this video has to say…

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  • The inventor’s is smart, marketing director’s a genius.

  • Sruly

    lol “oh my goshness”

  • STL Sam

    i love it and i want one

  • Dan

    I doubt this is a real product… all they did was go buy one of those grabber type things from Walmart, and make a video.

  • Anonymous

    not impressed… I expect more from frum satire

  • smoothshemp

    ok, that’s queer!

  • Hey I didn’t make the video – I just posted it because its funny and bringd me back to late night Chuck norris infomercials

  • Westsider

    wow Heshy Fried. Thanks!

  • Xvi

    For people considering this as a viable option… i recommend watching Pushing Daisies. The pie-maker’s inventiveness in finding ways around negiah is brilliant. There was a real gemarah kup on that writing staff. I guarantee it.

  • I’ve seen this from your FB, Hesh. Hilarious!


    this sucks balls

  • jeniffer

    this just shows u have no life! go grab one tonight!


    If you can use a shomer stick, then is it okay to use a vibrator too? Can you put a vibrator at the end?

    What if the girl stands behind a Mechitza?

  • Former Teacher

    If they both close their eyes, is it okay to be naked and use the shomer stick?

  • Former Teacher

    If they both close their eyes, is it okay to undress fully and use the stick to touch each other?


    If the girl and boy are in a car, and there is no one around, can they close their eyes, undress and use the stick?


    If the girl and boy are in a car, and there is no one around, can they close their eyes, undress and use the stick?

  • DR. GUTS

    Can they use the stick to exchange body fluids?

  • avrahamct

    that gripper seems like it would be more useful to grab food at kiddush through the crowd

  • If I use the stick to perform the mitzvah of “shiluach ha’kan”, do I get the full schar?

  • ipitythefoo

    video – moderately amusing.
    comments – priceless.

  • Yochanan

    If Billy Mays was Jewish.

  • Yochanan

    Can any (modern) Hebrew speakers help me out with this one? Do native speakers (obviously religious ones) say things like?:

    Ani shomer (Negi’a)

    For some reason it seems like one of those bad grammar Hebrew terms that native English speaking Jews use (ex: TZni’ut as an adjective).

  • Dunhill

    It reminds me of coming home one night to find my very religious younger sister lying on the couch with her fiancé. She had her head on a pillow and he had his arms on a pillow on her chest. I thought it was so sweet and innocent. I am pleased I never had to endure that level of sexual frustration.

  • Yochanan, just saying you’re Shomer in hebrew will get the response “Shomer what?”

    You’ve gotta say “ani shomer negiah”
    vs. shomer shabbat, shomer kashrut, shomer al zchuyot hachasah begush katif, vechulei.

  • Bsamim Smoker

    Can a woman use the shomer stick to play with herself

  • “Oh my goshness” – ROFLMAO

  • long dong

    I’m going to order one tonight

  • Anonymous

    Frum N’Flipping:

    As a follow-up, what syllable is accented on SHomer?

    From what I remember, on the first syllable, it would be a noun and translate as “gaurdian”. On the second it would be a verb and translate as “keep/protect/gaurd”.

  • Grammar correction [to all of you who continue this horrid grammatical error]:

    shomer negi’ah is a noun or adjectival noun phrase.

    shemirath negi’ah is the gerund.

    Get it right please.

    This kind of crap always happens to us when we’re galuth.

  • Sergeant J

    BY, try “in galut”, you cannot be “galut”.. This kind of crap….

  • Thanks for catching that.

  • Avner


  • Ruthie

    I *just* thought to check these comments now.
    As the creator of this video, I can vouch that the product did not cost me more than $1.25. CANADIAN. It’s from the dollar store.
    But the first thing I thought was: “I *must* market this. I also picked up a couple for my two friends that are so paranoid with shomer negiah that they inspired this video.

  • Jeef

    teehee…the *feathers*

  • Al

    Russians and their wall rugs…