Do you flip your pillow to the cold side?

I do and I always thought I was kind of alone, I always used to watch those ads for mattresses as a kid and see people not being able to sleep flipping their pillows, but it seems that they were flipping so they could fluff, not because they had become warm.

I did think I was alone until I found multiple clubs and groups on Facebook for people like me, people who can’t stand a warm pillow. A buddy of mine had a pillow made out jeans material and it would stay pretty cold, but you had to sleep on jeans, it was kind of weird, like using someones butt for a pillow.

Do I have any readers who are fellow pillow flippers?

Its good to know I’m not alone anymore.

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  • TRS

    In the summer I flip.

  • Batya

    I always flip my pillow to the cold side! It is refreshing and helps me sleep. I also like the “edge of the sheets” that area that is not war, from sleeping in them, and it is nice to put your feet there.

  • Me

    I always sleep on the cold side, and I know a mother who had to put a pillow in the freezer for a bit in order to get her son to sleep.
    There are some materials that do not get cold at all, and I hate sleeping on those.
    (How’s that for a question before you visit, do your pillows retain coldness?)

  • shevers

    I do.

    As TRS noted and I didn’t notice until he did so, that I flip more prevalently in the summer time.

  • Mikeinmidwood

    yes, I cant stand a warm pillow.

  • Anonymous

    I have satin sheets–and I never have to flip. Should try it, it’s AMAZING!

  • phyllis

    Yes, my name is Phyllis and I’m a pillow flipper.

  • Phil

    I flip mine so often that I usually end up without it by the middle of the night.

  • The Wandering Wondering Jew

    I’m a pillow flipper too. I like the pillows with the gel core because they have a tendency to stay cooler and need less flipping.

  • The Law

    dude theres a whole family guy scene about flipping to the “cooler” side of the pillow…

    i would provide the youtube link but its been taken down. its in season 5 eps 9 called road to rupert…

  • former baltimorean

    always, I think the real question should be, who doesn’t flip their pillow?

  • s(b.)

    I flip. On pesach, I flip twice. That’s the 5th question. [/facetious]

  • conservative scifi

    If you’re like one of my children, who leaves the fan on all night in our frigid house (my wife likes to keep the heat low), you might not need to flip.

    I flip in the heat of summer. In the frigid cold of winter, I snuggle into the warm side.

  • chanz

    i may b the only one, but i like to be warm…as long as my feet stick out from under the covers.

    • Anonymous

      Omg how can u stand ur feet out of the covies?

  • ed

    I flip too.

  • Batya from Shiloh

    No pillows for me, bad for the neck. But if you want to keep your wrinkle free youthful look, you may like Jeff’s pillow cases.

  • Batya from Shiloh

    Why is that previous comment I wrote in need of moderation? Jeff’s an old friend from GNN. We sat together at a wedding the other night. The link’s legit.

  • CA

    Having lived for a while in the South, I use an invention called “air conditioner”. Set it really low, use a lot of blankets. Your head is cool, everything else is warm.

  • Michal bas Avraham

    You people like a cold pillow? I use about 10 blankets and pull them over my head, too. I usually sleep on my teddy bear instead of my pillow, anyway. Yeah, I’m an overgrown kid.

  • Jason

    I flip, and in regards to the “butt pillow”…. It happens..

  • http://deleted AV

    Definitely flip, have to sleep on a down pillow, sleep in a cold room by preference, and this I tend to run cold.

  • chris

    Yes gotta have a cold crisp side of pillow– AND there is a group on facebook that does too– Not alone in this world!!

  • Heshy Fried

    cold pillows rock

  • Anonymous

    I flip my pillow like a thousand times a night. I have four pillows on my bed to. I cant sleep with a warm pillow. Blahhhhhhhhhhh

  • Anonymous

    I always flip my pillow i love the cold side!!

  • Uzi

    You guys are retarded…..
    Its like a i flip pillows gathering
    Almost evreybody do it even when you are asleep
    freakin wierdos

    And btw please dont try to email me cuz the email adress is FAKE

    • Anonymous

      You are a douche you should be ashamed

    • Huh?

      I think it’s pretty clear that uzi is mentally handicapped.

  • Samantha

    I knew there were people like me other there!

    Please help me win this competition! You have to come up with a job you wish existed and mine is a pillow flipper to ensure youre always lying on the cold side of the pillow!

    please just press the link and click like


  • Sh

    John Howard’s left nut

  • James hawkins

    I wonder what percentage of persons prefer the cold side of the pillow. I do and so does my 3 year old grandson.