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Another awkward shul moment

Awkward moments in shul are plenty, but I find the false handshake to be one of the most common and most awkward. The false handshake happens to all of us at one time or another, especially in shuls where you donít know many of the people.

The false handshake is when you think someone is giving you their hand for shake when in reality they were reaching for someone else. In shul this is so awkward, because it always results in one of those half shakes and moves on quickly to the real person, with bewildered looks on both sides.

This happens to all people in different forms. A few weeks ago I was walking in Manhattan and I saw someone who looked exactly like a friend of mine, I tapped him on the back and started talking excitedly, I realized way after the normal amount of time that he was just staring at me like I was crazy. I apologized and walked away, very embarrassed shall we say.

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  • Happens to me all the time, my younger brother looks very much like I do, to the point where many people think we’re twins. I’m constantly running into people that think I’m him as we live in the same neighborhood, but go to different shuls. Regardless, I always give a “real” handshake, no point in the “dead fish” one.

  • This usually never happens to me. I avoid shaking other people’s hands. You really don’t know where they’ve been.

    Let me rephrase that: you know where there hands have been and it’s not worth thinking about.

  • Childish- I do the fist bump, older folks just think your trying to be cool- but I am trying to guard against chazaras hashas nose pickings

  • ew. (ch nose pickings)

  • Future Druggie
  • Future Druggie

    Twins? How about Septuplets?

    Check out AOL news.

  • Yep. You better believe it. There really is nothing for people to do while the Shatz mumbles on in his slow voice but dig like a 49er. The fist bump really does solve the sanitary problem. If only there were manditory washing after davening as well as before in all of those real “heimisher” places.

  • If only the Rabbis instituted that along with negel vasser- soap had to be used. You know how hard it is to find soap in the more Charedi shuls?

  • There is also the Rabbi speech ear cleaning

  • Oh foget it, its impossible to find some freakin soap in many frummie shuls its so nasty.

    BH my shul has a nice large soap dispense. MMM.

  • Try next the across-the-mechitzah handshake. That should get you some stares.

  • theboss

    “Oscar Wilde” ???

    You are such a philistine.