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I am hosting a Jewish open mic in Brooklyn on July23

Since not all of you fine folks have facebook, and some of you got mad that I forgot to write about the last open mic I got up at, I am giving you the heads up. I will be hosting the Shemspeed open mic night next Wednesday July 23rd @ the Tea Lounge in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. Last time was loads of fun and several bloggers and Jewish celebrities including Mendy Pellin, Y Love and Matthue Roth showed up for the fun.

The event is totally free, and if you would like to get up and bust something out- and have me make fun of you afterwards- please email openmic@shemspeed.com They have asked me to tell you that due to the 3 weeks there will be no musical acts- BUT rappers and beatboxers are encouraged to get up. There were also no women that got up to the mic last time- although one had signed up- so all you ladies who have something to say- whether it be song, dance, spoken word, poetry, free styling, ranting, comedy or whatever- are definitely encouraged to apply. Although it is Jewish- it is not necessarily a “frum” event- so you ladies shouldn’t be scared of the Vaad Hatznius showing up with bleach.

Shemspeed Open Mic Night- Weds July 23, 7:30pm
Hosted by me
The Tea Lounge
837 Union Street bet 6th and 7th ave
Park Slope- Brooklyn

To sign up please email openmic@shemspeed.com

We need more ladies!!!

Open mic website

Facebook event page

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  • I’d arm-wrestle heimish, but I don’t touch men.

  • I’m kidding. (lots of love to the shomer negiah crowd)
    That wouldn’t be tzniusdik. And he’s married, and he probably doesn’t touch women, and he’d probably win, even lefty.

    I’d love to hear people talk about marriage and parenthood (two topics on which I am completely unqualified to speak).

  • jennthejewess

    Ill try to make it but wednesdays are hard- So You Think You Can Dance is on…

  • is it free?
    what type of catering? just the sponge cake and gefilte fish or the whole sit down hot kiddush?
    does it really start at 7:30?

  • Its free no drink minimum either.

    No its not catered its at a hipster coffee shop/bar.

    Last time it started at 7:50 – I am hosting so I can do whatever I please.

    Aren’t you acquainted with jacob da jew- come with him.

  • Yea, Lion, I’ll be there.

  • You don’t think I’m going to bring my team with flame-throwers?

  • chanief

    Oh if only I weren’t so shy… ;o)

  • I’m bringing a lady, but she’s married. To me. 😉