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Frum Satire was hacked yesterday!!!

I am getting reports that my site was redirecting to Porn yesterday, and I am damned proud, not that it was redirecting to porn, but that someone took the time and was pissed off enough at me to hack me. Maybe I can finally achieve true olam haba for Jewish Bloggers and be written up in a scathing article in the Yated or Yeshiva World News about why Blogging and expressing your opinions is bad.

Anyway back to the main story, THIS BLOG HAS BEEN HACKED. I guess its hashgacha prutus that I have another mirror blog of this one that has almost all of my material on it, I was going to delete it, but it may come in handy now.

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  • good for you! You must be on the map!

  • Shelomo from Ocean Pkwy.

    Look at the FTP log, what was the IP address the hacker [dog] logger in from, please tell.

  • chanief

    Yup, saw that. I thought it was pretty funny actually, but my sense of humor veers toward the wacky anyway. Sorry you were hacked, but I’m glad you are proud of it ;o)

  • stacy

    it was kinda funny but annoying.
    mazel tov on your first hack

  • Hey I hope it was good porn at least. That would suck to wind up at some page of some over sized gay trucker porn or something.

  • I guess someone thought you were so prust he’d rather have people look at porn.

  • I actually think I figured it out. I think it was the folks from over at yeshiva world news.

  • Actually it was a little disconcerting since my mom was in the room when I tried to get on. but I found it quite funny (though my mom doesn’t agree) when I realized it wasn’t just my computer. Glad you have all your info saved (I had to learn the hard way this past year.)

  • s(b.)

    good thing you don’t have a storefront. :it’s only sheitels burning: (that’s not even funny)

  • I’m not seeing any porn, but I am having trouble getting a connection to your server. It keeps timing out.

  • s(b.)

    you’ve already gone blind from …
    (still kidding)

  • Well I think the folks from yeshiva world news will be deleting it any time- if that happens I ask that you visit my mirror wordpress hosted blog.


    Oh and you tube cannot be hacked-

  • You should move all the current stuff over there while you can just in case.

  • Upstairs from Jacob Da Jew (Sadly he moved last week)

    Mazal Tov! Just think of the precious hours of Torah learning avoided just so YWN could hack you. Like throwing stones to protest desecrating Shabbos…

  • Headbanger

    MoneyTalks.com was a worthy choice. I commend the folks at YWN for knowing the best stuff out there. I guess it is true that Yeshiva people get it all from yeshiva.

  • Chris_B

    Imagine my surprise when I tried to access this site at work…

  • Hesh

    I can only imagine, I got emails of people trying to access it when their spouses or parents were in the room.

  • CSJ

    Mazel Tov, Hesh!

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