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I have been tagged and for once I will actually comply

Miriam tagged me with the warning next to the tag that she hopes she will not regret this. I rarely do the memes, but since she threw that line of caution in there I decided to rock the meme. All the folks I am tagging were probably tagged already, but why the heck not?

8 Passions in my life:
Making people laugh
Constantly gaining knowledge both Jewish and secular
Good food
Ben and Jerrys

8 Things to do before I die:

Get married and have some kids
Hitchhike cross country
Drive from New York to the tip of South America
Hike the PCT, CDT or AT (Pacific Crest, Continental Divide or Apalachin Trails)
Own a house in Montana
Ride my bike cross country
Get a full time job- hopefully to do with the outdoors or this blogging thing
Write a book that gets banned by the Rabbis

8 Things I often say:

Quit hocking around
Ok, ok Gamarnu
Hey Man
No I don’t have any money
Hey think you could chip in for gas
Vus Titzich man?
Nu Vus Kooks du?

8 Books I read recently:
A blistered kind of love (Duffy and Angela Ballard)
Riding with Strangers (Elijah Wood)
The Submarine (Thomas Parish)
The Light of Ephraim (Simcha H. Benyosef)
Travels with Charley (John Steinbeck)
A Thousand Splendid Suns (the kite runner guy)
Over the Hills: a midlife escape across America (David Lamb)
Rooted in Rock: Adirondack Writings (Various Authors)

8 Songs that mean something to me:
Where the Green Grass Grows (Tim McGraw)
Born Country (Alabama)
Rockin the Suburbs (Ben Folds)
Radar Love (Golden Earing)
She Drives me Crazy (Fine Young Cannibals)
Superfreak (Rick James)
The Wu Tang Clan Holocaust Song
The Brews (NOFX)

8 Qualities I look for in a friend:

Free Thinker
Need to explore what’s around the next bend
Willing to put up with my insensitive self
Lover of God
Always Happy

8 People to tag:

Mookie (haven’t heard from her in a while, but I know she still exists)

Lakewood Venter

Frum Librarian (new to the blogging thing but literate and interesting)

Bad For Shidduchim

Aidel Maidel


Lubob No More

Chaya (would have tagged her if I’d known she wanted to be)

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  • Shoshana

    Why? What’s the point of tagging someone?

  • Hesh

    Tagging is the classic way of bloggers to gain hits and a wider audience. By tagging me for instance she brought readers to my blog and the others she tagged, then I go ahead and bring readers back to her and the other folks I tagged.

    It allows for folks who never knew certain blogs existed to come and check them out- while the whole time being a chance for the blogger to write a post. Its kind of like playing horse.

  • anaomoas

    Hesh, the “The Wu Tang Clan Holocaust Song” you’re talking about isn’t by Wu Tang. It’s by a Jewish rapper from Staten Island named Remedy. He’s affiliated with the Wu Tang Killah Beez.

  • http://live-from-israel.blogspot.com/ miriam

    OMG! I used to be nervous for any single man who read Light of Ephraim. lol

    SuperFreak *gasp!*

    Yay, Heshy!

  • ari

    The Brews is an awesome song!

    Friday night, we’ll be drinking Maneshevitz and going out to terrorize goyim.

    Stomping shaigetz, screwing shiksas, as long as we’re hom eby saturday mornin.

    Cause, hey, we’re the brews, sporting anti swastika tattoos!! OY OY!

  • http://lakewoodshmuck.blogspot.com lakewoodshmuck

    hey hesh!
    I was expecting something a little more brash.

  • http://www.frumsatire.net heshman

    Hey Lakewood I am sure the person who tagged me was also expecting something more harsh. I am not always harsh, especially when its about me- I am usually truthful.

    Hey Miriam I had no idea what the book was but my buddy got me one from Amazon- I think its a little wack- I would love to do a post about the subject- but I dont want to go overboard, maybe I could nickname it something else.

  • http://frumlibrarian.blogspot.com Frum Librarian

    I should hope I’m literate! Thanks though!

  • http://chayaleder.blogspot.com/ Chaya

    Thanks for NOT tagging me.

    You know how bored I get at work.

    Note to self: Remove Frum Satire from blogroll

  • http://lubabnomore.blogspot.com Lubab No More

    So many questions. I would shirk my tag but this is the second time I’ve been hit with this one. I hope to do a post sometime this week!

  • http://chayaleder.blogspot.com/ Chaya

    I love u!

  • http://jacobdajew.blogspot.com Jacob is the New Ice Horse
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