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Making fun of Jihad

I have been doing a ton of videos lately- I would like some feedback as to whether you guys would like me to post more- most of them are me ranting out most of my famous posts- this happened to be very random. Yideos is making me my own page in the next couple of days- I will keep you posted.

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  • Mike the Tiuny Guy

    Hesh – you are makin a jackass outta yourself

  • Hesh

    Glad you liked the video!

    The folks who run the site went crazy and said they thought I was a genus- maybe a jackass genus- but that was a heck of a lot of fun.

  • Hesh-

    Check out today’s opinion page on Arutz Sheva- my opinion got published!

  • TheBlackHatter

    whats up with dude in the kitchen who keeps poping his head in and out.

  • whatthehay?

    who is that laughing in the background?

  • Sheva-Liraz

    I agree who is the person laughing who sounds like they have a helium voice? I personally find all the videos entertaining, although this one was kinda weird, I did like the music in it. I think you should keep making the videos.

  • Yeah, the music was great.

  • mt living

    Heshy I think its time for a taze video

  • flatbushgal

    any1 ever told ya ur kinda mental, funky music tho, i am really gonna hound u till i get my well deserved comment HESHY I WANT A FRIKKEN COMMENT is that clear enuff?

  • whoops this time theres a link

  • Yochanan

    That’s me, Heshy’s roommate, with the beige kangol hat in the background. I was doing my best to take a look at the set without actually getting on camera. But, to no avail.

  • Yochanan

    Allahu Akbar!

  • Yochanan

    I’m laughing in the visual background, but not the audio background.

  • Nice! Dude, I like the music, hook me up with the CD please.

  • tiuny86

    your a freak! get a life! All those years in Rochester……. it got to your head.

  • tiuny86

    who is the chick with the hot laugh?

  • Anonymous

    yeah, for serious. who IS that chick with the hot laugh?

  • Hesh

    I hear she was smokin’

  • Guy

    Hesh, this video was hilarious- so if you had a girl over why didn’t you make some funny vids with her?

    I for one want to see some more vids posted up here.

  • mt living

    Heshy, come on. Its time for you to get tazed. Maybe a series of frummy tazing videos. Bais Yaakov girls getting tazed. Kids at risk getting tazed. The shidduch crisis getting tazed. If you can get a hold of a taser, I’ll volunteer myself to get tazed in some wacky skit. The adventures of Torah Taser, what the fuck I dunno.

  • secret admirer

    you’ve got some nice moves. it must be all those mitzvahs you’ve been doing, you sassy thang.

    oh and, wow. mt living, i’m sure it would be so funny to get tased (not “tazed”…). i mean, police brutality is hilarious! 50,000 volt shocks penetrating your skin?! That would be so funny. “The use of electro-shock weapons appears to have violated international standards prohibiting torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment” in reference to police tasering undeserving individuals. (source: Amnesty Int’l). So obviously that would be a good idea. how about pepper spray to the eyes? that would be definitely worth the investment…

  • Woa Secret Admirer- are you going to be my latest stalker? I hope your a ot one.

    I just dont know about the whole bais yaakov girl tazer thing. Maybe Bais Yaakov Tease- is that what you were trying to say.

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